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Postgraduate students

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Name Job title (position) Telefon E mail
Csontos János 4653, 3137 jcsontos { at }
Gajdos Tamás PhD student (supervisor: Dr. Erdélyi Miklós) 6710, 3455 gajdipajti { at }
Ordasi András PhD student (supervisor: Dr. Vinkó József) 4421
Pápa Zsuzsanna PhD candidate (supervisor: Dr. Tóth Zsolt) 4223, 3747 zpapa {at}
Pintér Máté Dániel PhD student (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Bozóki Zoltán) 3748 mpinter { at }
Simon Károly András PhD student 3739 simonk {at}
Szabó Anna PhD candidate (supervisor: Dr. Mohácsi Árpád) 4519 aszabo {at}
Varga Dániel PhD student (supervisor: Dr. Erdélyi Miklós) 6710, 3455 antares712 { at }