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Name Job title (position) Telefon E mail
Prof. Dr. Bor Zsolt full professor 4273 optika {at}
Prof. Dr. Bozóki Zoltán full professor 4406 zbozoki {at}
Dr. Dombi József honorary professor 6370
Dr. Erdélyi Miklós assistant professor 6710, (labor: 3455) erdelyi {at}
Dr. Geretovszky Zsolt associate professor 4659, 4274 gero {at}
Dr. Geretovszkyné Varjú Katalin associate professor 4656 varju { at }
Dr. Hilbert Margit honorary associate professor 4656 hilbert {at}
Prof. Dr. Hopp Béla full professor (head of department) 4657, 3743, 4273 bhopp {at}
Dr. Horváth Zoltán associate professor 4528 horvathz {at}
Dr. Kovács Attila Pál assistant professor (educational deputy head of department) 4528, 3019 a.p.kovacs {at}
Dr. Osvay Károly associate professor 4223, 3747 osvay {at}
Péter Viktória 4420 bviki {at}
Prof. Dr. Rácz Béla professor emeritus 4271 bracz {at}
Prof. Dr. Szabó Gábor full professor (rector) 4001 gszabo {at}
Dr. Várkonyi Zoltánné honorary professor 71103,4271 balint {at}
Dr. Vinkó József senior research fellow 4421 vinko {at}